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20. Arnold, Matthew. New Poems. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1867. *AC85. M4977 .Zz867a, Houghton Library. Introduction by Peter Norberg. Click to expand . . .
21. Arnold, Matthew. Poems. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1856. Berkshire Athenaeum, V LC #2 821 Arnold. Click to expand . . .
52. Beale, Thomas. The Natural History of the Sperm Whale. London: Van Voorst, 1839. *AC85. M4977. Zz839b, Houghton Library. Introduction by Steven Olsen-Smith. Click to expand . . .
65. New Testament and the Book of Psalms. New York: American Bible Society, 1844. *AC85. M4977. Zz844b, Houghton Library. Introduction by Brian Yothers. Click to expand . . .
171. Cuvier, Georges, Baron. The Class Pisces . . . with Supplementary Additions. London, Whittaker, 1834. Berkshire Athenaeum, V 590 C98. Click to expand . . .
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