April 2017

Beta Test Version of Marginalia Search Tool Launched at Melville's Marginalia Online

Trace key words and expressions in Melville's annotations and in the printed text marked by him in his 7-volume set of The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare (Sealts No. 460). The project's new search tool associates text and markup with pixel coordinates on page images to highlight and outline terms and expressions submitted through its search interface. Review the "Marginalia" and "XML Encoding" sections of "Guidance for Searching" for an explanation of XML encoding practices. Additional digital copies of Melville's books will be made searchable as markup progresses, with additions announced through the site's Facebook and Twitter pages.

June 2016

"Update on Books Owned and Borrowed by Melville" in Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies

"An Update on Books Owned, Borrowed, and Consulted by Melville" in Leviathan 18.2 provides updated information on books with Melville family associations that have been recovered or redescribed at Melville’s Marginalia Online since Steven Olsen-Smith and the late Merton M. Sealts's "Cumulative Supplement to Melville's Reading" appeared in Leviathan in 2004. Subscribe to Leviathan at the web site of the Johns Hopkins University Press.

July 2015

Special Section on "Melville's Hand" in Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies

Under the editorship of Samuel Otter and Brian Yothers and the auspices of the Johns Hopkins University Press and the Melville Society, Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies has featured a special section on "Melville's Hand" in its June 2015 issue (17.2). Focused on erased marginalia recovered at Melville's Marginalia Online, the special section features essays authored or co-written by Dawn Coleman, Dennis C. Marnon, Peter Norberg, Steven Olsen-Smith, and Joshua Preminger. Special thanks to Mr. William Reese, the New York Public Library, and Princeton University Library for the access and digital services that made these discoveries possible.