Join us virtually in 2018-19 as Melville's Marginalia Online and Boise State University's Hemingway Literary Center observe the bicentennial of the birth of Herman Melville (1819-1891). To keep informed of upcoming events and video feeds, follow the project's social networking streams at left.

Coming November 2, 2018
Christopher Ohge (University of London), "Reading Melville, and Melville's Reading, with Computers"

Ohge’s lecture will demonstrate some of the ways digital methodologies enhance our understanding of Herman Melville and his writings. For nearly a decade, a team of scholars has been building the Melville Electronic Library, which brings readers closer to Melville’s creative processes. Ohge’s co-edited special issue of Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies (June 2018) showed the insights of using computation and digital text analysis to investigate Melville’s reading at Melville’s Marginalia Online. These projects suggest new modes of reading Melville, as well as new methods for presenting and analyzing Melville’s texts. Using breadth and depth, and a variety of dynamic visuals, the lecture will show not only the evidence of how Melville read but also the implications of his readings in his own works such as Moby-Dick.

Geoffrey Sanborn (Amherst College), introduced by Steven Olsen-Smith

"The Value of Herman Melville"
October 5, 2018
Delivered at Boise State University for the Hemingway Literary Center and Melville's Marginalia Online

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